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Bamburg, Germany - Sunday, 31 July 2011

overcast 17 °C

Sleep in today. Not going ashore in Bamburg until 2.30 pm. Going for a galley tour on the ship sometime this morning. It was eye opening! Such a tiny, tiny area. How they prepare four course meals, all at the same time, I'll never know. Toured around Bamburg after lunch.


Back on board to get dressed for our special dinner at Portobello Restaurant. Jack and Luise met us when we got back to the ship to say that Luise had a high fever and woudn't be joining us for dinner tonight. We grabbed Peter (single from Sydney) to join us and make up the numbers,


with Yvonne and John from England. Portobello was great. Millions of courses - dipping bread to begin; then bruschetta; then cold fish salad; then soup; then spajhetti; then main course; then dessert followed by coffee.


Others dining in Portobello.


Prior to dinner, Phil went to a Bavarian beer tasting but I didn't because I didn't want to fill up before dinner.


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Wurzburg, Germany - Saturday, 30 July 2011


Up early to leave the ship by 8.45 am for a day trip to Rothenburg.


Passed through many very cute villages on the way. Had a guided tour through Rothenburg and then had two hours free time.


Lunch was included.



Phil FINALLY found a watch to buy. The shop owner's wife was four years old in Australia in World War Two and along with her mother and siblings, was put in a camp at Wangaratta. A couple of years after the war, her widowed mother came back to Germany.



We walked for miles along the top of a wall that surrounded the old city.



Back on board at 2.30pm. Resting and eating before dinner. Had dinner with sisters Kay and Fiona and their husbands Frank and Rob from Melbourne. Rob looked like Max Walker. Golda and Colin were also at our table. She was a bit aloof.

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Miltenberg / Wertheim, Germany - Friday, 29 July 2011

overcast 20 °C

Had breakfast with Noel and Bronwyn McCann from the Gold Coast, but he comes to Canberra a lot for work. Today, after lunch, there is a city tour of Miltenberg, then we split into groups for a town tour, an 8km walk or a 15km bike ride. Phil is doing the town tour and I am doing the 8km walk with Noel and Bronwyn. Glass blowing exhibition this morning - had a look but decided my book was better.


Left the ship after lunch and did a walking tour of Miltenberg. These German cities are lovely. Back on the bus for the drive to Wertheim. Talk about confusion! The bikers got away okay but only 13 people out of the 20 who put their names down for the 8km walk turned up. No one seemed to know what was going on. Power walk; 8km walk or what! Our guide was our Miltenberg city tour guide and she had on high heeled sandals, so it was hardly going to be an 8km power walk! We started off around the town, stopping at historic sites and the walkers were grumbling about it not being a power walk. We then climbed up to the top of the castle which was a bit of a heart starter, took photos and walked back down and that was it - free for a couple of hours.


As I have no sense of direction, I tagged along with Peter and Denise and then bumped into Judith and Lyn and tagged along with them and ended up in the glass blowers shop. I bought a fabulous purple fat Christmas fairy for our tree. As we left the shop, we found Phil and others drinking beer in the square, as part of the festival.

A German couple sitting behind us heard us discussing how to buy a ginerbread heart and that we couldn't find one. The lady slipped away and bought one for me and wouldn't take any money for it, so I gave her a gold kangaroo and Phil gave the man one too. They were delighted.


Back to the ship - small rest and then dressed for dinner. Sat with Jo and Joe (Joe's 60th birthday); Jack and Luise and were joined by Lyn and Judith (Judith's birthday also). We had a fun night and Joe and Judith were presented with a birthday cake each. At the end of our meal, Joe shouted us an Armareto each. God, I am becoming an alcoholic.

There was a Zither concert after dinner but we all sat in the lounge and had a coffee. Have finished reading "The Bastard of Istanbul" and Jo has lent me "Family Ties" by Danielle Steel. Easy reading - I can't put it down.

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Rhine Gorge / Rudesheim, Germany - Thursday, 28 July 2011


It has been raining all night and the day is cool, overcast and raining. Very disappointing. Summer in this part of Europe is awful. We are now cruising through the Rhine Gorge and it's raining. Passed the Loreley Rock at 9.00 am.




By lunch time the sun had come out in time for us to visit Rudesheim. We caught a little shuttle train to the centre of the town and were guided through the Siegfried Music Museum. Lots of music machines invented centuries ago along the lines of pianolos. Fantastic.



Then we walked past the Christmas shop to the chair lift and went up to the top for a beautiful view of the river, town and surrounding vineyards. Just lovely.


Me with the girls from Brisbane

Walked around the town, IN SUNSHINE, and then strolled back to the boat. Lots and lots of fantastic Christmas shops in these towns.


Had dinner with Edwin (Ted) and Audra Briggs from Canberra! After dinner, had a song and dance competition. Phil disappeared (out on the deck talking to the Canadians), so I danced with Judith from Brisbane and Maureen from Canada.

We both got caught with bar charges today. I was offered an apricot brandy before lunch and then had to pay and Phil was offered an Armareto at dinner and also had to pay. The bill was only 10.10 Euros. We won't get caught again, especially as the apricot brandy gave me a dose of rhinitis - very appropriate as we were sailing down the Rhine!

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Cologne / Andernach, Germany - Wednesday, 27 July 2011


We are now sailing. Easy morning. Late breakfast and the sun actually came out so I sat in the sun for 15 minutes before lunch. I have decided to watch the eating and drinking, because my evening pants were a bit tighter last night and we've only been gone for 10 days! Joined Jo and Joe and Jack and Luise for breakfast and started with champagne!


After lunch we left the boat for a walking tour of Cologne. Overcast, but warm and dry. Cologne is a very nice city.


Called into a pub for a taste of "Kolsch" Beer


then onto the bus for a one and a half hour drive to Marksburg Castle for our evening meal and entertainment.


Our bus driver drove very fast and during a rain storm almost crashed into the back of a small car that was slowing down in the rain. Judith and Lyn from Brisbane were sitting in the front seat and were scared to death. On the way back to the boat, they moved down the back, so they couldn't see the impending danger.

On arrival at the castle, we had quite a long walk up a hill to the entrance and were greeted by a medieval musical troupe.


We had a guided tour of the castle


and then went into the adjacent room for a medieval feast. Great night. Drank honey mead wine - very sweet. No one liked it at our table so they kept passing it up to me. It must have been pretty mild, because at the end of the night, I could still walk back down the hill, in high heels and not fall over!


We had rye bread and dips, mustard seed and cream soup, chicken, ham, salad and potatoes and semolina and cherry dessert, followed by schnaaps. Wow! It was a bit potent but it was nice to have a taste. By the end of the night we were all quite merry and sang all the way back to the boat in the bus. A good night was had by all. Minstrels and a fantastic girl juggler entertained us at dinner. Very good.


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