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Vienna, Austria - Friday, 5 August 2011

sunny 25 °C

Guided tour of Vienna


and then at 11.30am met up with Anetta and Makis who had flown in from Athens the night before.



Went to the catacombs and saw all the tombs of the Kings and Queens etc of Austria. So over the top!


Had a long lunch at a cafe and then walked down to the shuttle bus back to the boat.


Early dinner and then went to the "Palais Liechtenstein" for a private classical concert plus ballet dancers. The Palais Liechtenstein was fabulous and the music and dancing was wonderful. Most people made the effort to dress up for this occasion.



Very balmy evening so we had a bus ride home through the streets of Vienna to see the lights. Not many lights however one building had lights on it that made it look like it was moving. Not a very good photo.


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Melk /Durnstein, Austria - Thursday, 4 August 2011

18 °C

Woke up this morning to rain and it is very cool. Rang Mum for her 90th birthday - it was 6.30 am here and 2.30 pm in Toowoomba. She sounded like her old self.


Went to Melk Abbey.


Had a tour and then a short organ concert. Baroque architecture is not my style, however, it was so over the top and amazing. The organ in the abbey was nice.



We walked back to the ship via the Black Forest. Sailing for Durnstein this afternoon. Phil is having a massage because his shoulder is sore after his fall yesterday on the cobblestones.



Went ashore at Durnstein and wandered around. Very quaint village and very steep. Took some good photos and walked back to the ship. Sun now shining.



After dinner the crew entertained us with a "Crew Show". Very funny. After the show, I danced for an hour with Ann and another lady - golfers from Orange - the most exercise I've had for almost three weeks. Another night of going to bed at midnight.


Phil phoned Makis and arranged to meet with him and Anetta in Vienna tomorrow.

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Passau, Germany/Linz, Austria - Wednesday, 3 August 2011

sunny 25 °C

Up early and on the bus by 8.00 am for our day trip to Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. First we went to the lookout over Passau. Very nice.


Slept all the way in the bus to Cesky Krumlov (Czech for Crooked Meadow). Cesky Krumlov is a fantastic mediaeval town, well worth a visit, with cobble stone streets and a huge big town square.



Our guided tour ended with lunch in a lovely hotel, then we were on our own.



The perfect face for a medieval costume

We bought a pastry roll (hollow) thing which was hot and dipped in sugar and cinnamon. Nice! We stood and watched them making them for ages. We walked around with Peter from Sydney, Neville and Rose from Mollymook and Karen from Ballina.


Working out our money - four heads are better than one!



We bought an icecream. Phil fell over from one step off the ground. He's okay but has a sore shoulder. It could have been much worse. He rolled on his shoulder to save his camera. The weather is now hot and sunny. FINALLY.




Slept all the way back on the bus.

In our absence, the boat had sailed to Linz. We had been in three countries in one day - Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Back on board and had a barbecue dinner on the sun deck - finally sunny and dry.


After dinner watched a cooking demo on how to make paella and then into bed by 10.30 pm. Big day but good. Others did the "Sound of Music" tour to Salzburg and said that was good too.

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Regensburg, Germany - Tuesday, 2 August 2011

semi-overcast 21 °C

Woke up to fog but that soon lifted and it looks like it is going to be a nice day. Not going ashore until after lunch, so having a relaxed morning.


We are now on the Danube.


Had a wonderful lunch today. The dining room was decorated in blue and white checks and Bavarian flags. We had sausages and beer and sourkraut and the dj played oompah songs. We all sang and danced between courses. Great fun. Sat with Joy and Beth from Brisbane. Some people didn't join in. Sad people.



Pavel - one of our charismatic waiters!

Went ashore for a walking tour. Weather is sunny and warm.


Came back to the ship and attended a cuckoo clock demo; very nice but the clocks were a bit too "big and busy" for my taste (and expensive). After dinner we were entertained by a seven piece brass oompah band and Phil and Lyn got up and sang "Waltzing Matilda".


Straight to bed as up early tomorrow for a day trip to Cesky Krumlow in the Czech Republic.

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Nuremburg, Germany - Monday, 1 August 2011

semi-overcast 19 °C

Overcast, then a lovely, almost warm summer day.


Up early for breakfast to leave the ship by 9.00 am for our visit to the World War Two Documentation Centre. Big Nazi influences in this town. Of course, the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials were held here at the end of the war. We went to the Zepplin Field where the Nazi rallies took place - just huge. The big eagle has gone but it looked just the same as the photos we have seen of Hitler addressing the crowds.


The Documentation Centre was very well done. We had a Scottish guide and a Slovakian driver which was good. How could a German guide be subjective? However, nothing is hidden about the Hitler / Nazi regime. And they say, this happened then but we have now moved on. I mean, it's no good trying to hide it or deny it. It happened. It takes a very big country to do that.


Came back to the ship for lunch



and then caught the shuttle bus back into town for a look around. Very nice city.


We found an Australian icecream shop and had one.


We passed through the three biggest locks this evening. Sat on our balcony before dinner in the sun - it was even hot!

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